Renovations of the boat

Surprises under Noddi's hold

Calle voilier Jybe

A hidden area, the bilge is often left out of the picture on board a sailboat. Noddi was no exception to the rule, and her underfloor space held a few surprises for us. 

Beyond the dirt accumulated over the years, we have actually discovered a bag of coarse salt under the table! When it was opened, it had spread salt all over the bottom of the square. You can imagine that any metal part that had the misfortune to end up on the floor, ended up in rust. As a result, the bottom of the saloon was covered with rust, grease and other dirt. 

We also take this opportunity to reinforcing the steel structure that supports the floor. A few brackets and wooden slats later, the whole thing inspires more confidence. 

A few hours of cleaning, sanding and degreasing later, the hold is ready to receive its dress. We opt for a basic garage floor paint that is water, oil and abrasion resistant. Much less expensive than a bilge paint available at shipchandlers, we think it will do the job just fine. We give it 3 coats to be on the safe side.

Tools Industrial vacuum cleaner, sponge, wire brush, acetone, sander, garage floor paint

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