Let's foster collective intelligence
to live in a more sustainable way.


French Editorialist

Au travers de podcasts et d’articles, vous découvrirez ici la rubrique qui éclaire les perspectives d’un monde qui doit se renouveler pour durer.

Let's feed the discussions together, to live better together.

The values

This value allows everyone to participate and thus enrich the discussion. The message should not define the group, the group should define the message. This mix will allow to gather all points of view. 


Il est nécessaire d’avoir du respect dans l’humilité pour arriver à un véritable échange constructif.


The path of discussion does not always lead to agreement, but it can lead to openness and self-discovery. It is often by opening up and sharing our truths that we build an opinion. To open up in order to elevate oneself, for oneself but also for others.

The podcast (only in french)