Partnership between The Low tech Lab & Jybe

The beginnings

The term Low-Tech refers to low-power technologies that aim to be useful, sustainable and accessible to all. They are opposed to High-Tech technologies, although they can sometimes be complementary.

This concept of sustainable technical solutions is of particular interest to us at Jybe in an attempt to shed light on the question that many engineers ask themselves: how can we make our lifestyles compatible with planetary constraints?

In France, an ambassador of this field of research is the Icam engineer Corentin de Chatelperron. Adventurer and entrepreneur, he created the Low-tech Lab association and travels on the oceans by sail to discover and share these original technologies. At Jybe, this is the kind of initiative that speaks to us!

The Low-tech Lab

In a few words, it is a project that was launched in 2014 by the creation of a collaborative documentation platform and the departure of the Nomade des Mers expedition: a world tour to discover Low-Tech innovation. Corentin's idea was to travel, to meet actors and to spread their solutions through his platform. 

Recently, the project has evolved and expanded to include others through the Low-tech Explorer community.

The Low-tech Explorer

It is a self-help program whose objective is to create a network of projects going to meet the creators of Low-Tech. The program allows people who believe and work for these technologies to meet. To date, more than 120 projects are part of the program and 700 low-tech initiatives have been identified. However, many of them are still to be explored.

The Low-tech Explorer and Jybe

Jybe, a positive digital media, aims to meet international actors concerned with making our lifestyles more sustainable. Low-techs are of course one of the tracks to explore. Our partnership with the Low-tech Explorer program is therefore natural. We will of course participate in the inventory of the solutions encountered, but we will also present them through detailed articles.

These techniques observed in the field will certainly be an interesting source of inspiration in France. This is why our work will remain open to all and will be shared with the Low-tech Explorer and more widely to our community.

Some examples of low-tech found on the Low-Tech Lab website

Not to miss anything of our adventures:


In a few days, we will unveil a new Jybe partner!

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