Renovations of the boat

Infiltrations by the stanchions


A few water infiltrations behind the back drawers put us on the alert.

The marks left on the lining show that water is indeed seeping through the bolts supporting the stanchions. A walk on the deck confirms that these have become loose with time at the level of their base. The water must have gone through there.

After the dismantling of the dies, which are in bad condition, we dismantle one by one the stanchions and their supports. The latter are quite particular and disparate on the deck. Some are aluminum Goiot and others are custom made in stainless steel. One of the aluminum supports is cracked and we will change it. Anyway, their positioning on the deck and the rail does not simplify anything. The brackets are held in place by two stainless steel screws that go through the rail and are fixed in the wooden reinforcement underneath, and by a classic bolt-nut system that goes through the deck and reaches the bottom of the fittings inside. We replace the screws that suffered, fill the holes with Sika, and the deck is watertight again.

However, the damaged stanchion holder is not easy to replace. Its particular dimensions and our wish to find a stainless steel counterpart make it difficult for us. We will explain in another article how we solved this problem.

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