Renovations of the boat

Repair of Noddi's exterior boxes

Chandeliers voilier Jybe

The coffers of the cockpit of the Noddi were in very bad condition.

The leaves were rotting at the hinges and torn off. Having apparently undergone several modifications, the safes were no longer watertight and collapsed when we passed over it because the wooden parts supporting the leaves were damaged.

In order to limit the expenses and to make it simple, we decided to reuse the existing parts at the maximum while significantly reinforcing the system and making it watertight. We sanded and reworked the sash with reinforced Sintobois. The inner frame supporting the sash was rebuilt with reclaimed wood and reinforced with numerous brackets. We also took the opportunity to solidify the structural parts holding the mainsail track.

Leo installs wedges to secure the battery.

We rework the contact surface between the leaf and the frame with Sintobois to fill the few gaps. We resinate the areas where the hinges will be fixed. Finally, a U-shaped gasket is nailed all around the casement. It will ensure the watertightness of the box by being compressed against the frame thanks to a hook closure that we added.

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